Denver Gem Show Mystery Mystic Fetti Gemstone Crystal Mix

Denver Gem Show Mystery Mystic Fetti Gemstone Crystal Mix

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A mysterious blend of hand selected crystals from the Denver Gem Show, this will be an intuitively chosen mix of energies plucked right from the heart of the show. 

No two bags will ever be exactly alike, guaranteed to be a good one 😍

Check my IG stories for sneak peeks!!

Expected to ship on or before 10/1

A permanent offering in my shop, each blend will change with the seasons, gem shows, and availability. Brand new batches are created every month depending on supply and demand. Please note that due to differences in hardness, some crystals may scratch or brittle with time. 

I will always do my best to try and ensure that at least one of every kind of gemstone is included, however, it is not always guaranteed. 

Arrives in a cute little 3x4 decorative organza bag, each one will contain a variety of everything selected. 

Please Note: Supplies and quantities vary and are limited, so I will do my best to ensure a beautiful variety, however, there is no guarantee you will get one of everything.

Shipped from beautiful Denver, Colorado, I thank you so much for your purchase and your support. Please make sure that you have carefully read through all of my policies before you purchase and feel free to message me with any questions.

I hope that you LOVE your new treasures

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