About Me

The high vibe Mineral Mystic from Denver Colorado aligned with the universe beginning in 2015 after the powerful loss of a dear friend who shared his love and affinity for crystals and rockhounding with me. It was then when I became inspired to create and adorn beautiful souls all over the world with handmade jewelry in his honor. Crystals, gems and the consciousness community has changed my life in so many ways. Not only creatively, but spiritually as well. After eight years of hard work, passion, soulful intention and dedication towards building my brand, I have evolved into an influencer among the consciousness community, a crystal dealer and healer. Through my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, I live for creating one of a kind treasures and offering unique pieces that harness the alluring and cosmic energy of mother nature while sending them vibrating back out into the world.
You can follow along with my little crystallized dream on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.
With love and gratitude,
Lauren, The Mineral Mystic